Experience unparalleled audio excellence with the AM8, a remarkable device engineered to transform your sound processing capabilities. This compact powerhouse boasts a 32-bit fixed/point DSP clocked at an impressive 300MHz, ensuring lightning-fast and precise signal manipulation. With an astonishing delay of less than 1ms between analog input and output, the AM8 delivers an impeccably synchronized audio experience. Its state-of-the-art 24-bit AD/DA converters guarantee pristine sound reproduction, capturing every nuance with remarkable clarity. Prepare to be captivated by the AM8’s unrivaled audio performance. Its wide frequency response range of 20Hz to 20kHz, with an astonishingly low deviation of ±1.5dB, ensures a true-to-life soundstage. The dynamic range of 95dB, measured at -7dBu and 1kHz, A-weighted, takes your audio to new heights of richness and depth.


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