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Fault Notification Form

You should deliver the product that you think is defective or defective with "Aras Kargo" that we have contracted with!

Company Name that you must specify when sending the cargo to us: "Dinakord Elektronik San. Tic. A.S."
Our Deal Code: 911108101721

- You can always send your cargo with counterpayment to take advantage of our special price agreement.

- If the product you receive fails within 30 days, shipping costs will be covered by us.

- If the products exceed 30 days or break down due to user error, the shipping fee belongs to you and we will notify you of the amount of the payment.

As we send the product to you;
In order to prevent even the box from being deformed, you should send it to our address below by "Aras Kargo".

- If the report to be given by the technical service is in the direction of a fabrication error, the product will be evaluated within the scope of warranty, and repair and maintenance will be made. If repair is not possible, it will be replaced with a new one. If an item is out of stock, you will be given a refund.

- If it breaks down within 30 days, but the report of the technical service is in the direction of "user error", the repair costs and shipping costs will be covered by you.

- If a fabrication problem is detected in the product within 30 days, the shipping fee will be covered by us after repair or replacement.

- If there is no fault in the product, you will be responsible for the shipping costs. Please try to perform the necessary tests before qualifying the product you have purchased as defective.

For example;
If you think the light you receive is not working, you can use the intermediate cable, mixer, etc. We recommend that you check other factors such as:

We cannot receive products sent by different cargo companies. You must send the defective product that you send to us via "Aras Kargo" that we have contracted with.

Our address to send the product is below;

TEL: 0212 231 30 95

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SSP is an International Audio and Lighting Brand, in an expansion with a presence in a growing variety of market segments such as Concert, Special Event, TV, Theatre, Late Night Venue and continues to raise its profile in the world wide industry.

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