Just Better than the Rest

Just Better than the Rest

By means of our commitment to quality, constant innovation and respect to the planet (Green Focus) we aim to overcome the expectations and be distilled from the performance of our products.

A fair, sustainable future

Our production network is the backbone of our company and supports our expansion into the international markets. In all departments of the SSP Brand, our motto is to be’’ Just Better than the Rest’’. We are always available to provide a client-oriented and highly professional service providing guarantee before, during and after the sale by means of an expert support service.

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Convergence of Lighting & Sound

The market tends more and more clearly towards the integration of systems to take advantage of new synergies and benefits associated with them, such as a more attractive design with improved features. This is leading to flexible products that meet the demands of both manufacturers and End Users, responding to the needs of a constantly evolving market.

The use of LED lighting in Event Lighting

This makes it possible to create new, longer lasting concepts and designs at a lower cost than traditional technologies (discharge lamps). We took an early lead in LED illumination and remain at the forefront of LED-driven lighting technologies. The use of energy-saving LEDs allows for less power consumption, less generated heat thus less counter-cooling measures, and due to their long life of up to 50,000 hours, less bulb and lamp changes.